Monday, September 28, 2009

An End Is A New Beginning...

After 4 months of holiday, I will be registering for my enrollment for Year 2 in less than 15 minutes. This new semester is more important than ever compared with the other semesters as beginning this semester, my results will be considered for the degree that I will get. 

According to seniors and lecturers, Year 2 will be a hectic year. There will be many assignments, coursework, design projects, and most importantly, final exams. 

Well, thats all for today, I will update my blog whenever I am free. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spoilt of Choices... :P

Since long ago, I used Mozilla Firefox as my first choice browser. However, Firefox lagged quite often recently, as consequence, I tried to close and then reopen it. But, it was futile because the browser still running in the background. Hence, I have to end the process manually in Task Manager. This problem had been reoccurring for about 2 weeks. Now, I think I had found out the problem. It might due to an application that I quite frequently used in Facebook. If I did not use that specific application, then Firefox will not have any problem. Although the cause was identified, it did not stop me from seeking an alternative browser.

After seeking advices from friends, I tried Opera 10. As saying goes, 'Don't judge a book by its cover', my first about impression about the design is not as artistic as Firefox or IE. But, just after I randomly search something, it surprise me quite a bit. The download speed is faster than Firefox. All thanks to "Opera Turbo", which will increase the data download speed and reduce the number of unnecessary data to be downloaded. The user can either set the "Opera Turbo" into automatic mode, which will activate it if the connection speed is slow or just keep the "Opera Turbo" on whenever he use it. If the connection speed is constant and fast, then we can disable it also. However, the downside of this function is that it will decrease the quality of the images after the page is loaded because of the images was compressed during the loading process. Opera 10 also has basic widgets that other browsers do not have. For instance, typical games such as crossword , brainkrieg etc. are available for the user to play for free. Furthermore, I like the way designers design the panel which can enable users to search for bookmarks, history, widgets, downloads, and notes. Also, users can sign up for "My Opera" for free to blog and share their photos to friends. Too bad that I had a personal blog, if not I will try it out. All in all, Opera 10 is all-in-one browser which enables users to search, blog and share photos.

Besides that, I also tried Google Chrome. Google Chrome is like any basic browser but it was faster than Firefox and in fact, it was as fast as Opera 10 with the turbo mode on. When it comes to downloading videos, I think Google Chrome has the slight edge over Opera. Unlike the Opera 10 and Firefox, most of the customization can be done in one button. Therefore, it is more user-friendly. Overall, the layout is simple but better than Firefox.

Currently, I have 4 browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera 10). I had decided to use Opera 10 as my first choice browser as Google Chrome is only just launched recently and Opera has a better security record. However, I do not know whether I want to remove Google Chrome and Firefox or not. Seriously, I'm be spoilt for choice. By the way, I still thinking about whether I should tried out Safari 4 or not :P

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unpleasant Experience...

I just came have my ear flushed in a private clinic today. This is the second visit in 3 days. Three days ago, I went to consult our family doctor to remove a hardened ear wax in my left ear, after don't know how long the ear wax stick beside my ear wall.

After 3 nights of applying an oily solution to soften the ear wax, the doctor used a high pressure water gun to flush out the ear wax out. Since it was flushed with high pressure water, I felt very uncomfortable. Well, who will be comfortable while a channel of high pressure water was pushing against your ear drum. Soon after that, the world around me are spiraling very fast, just after I opened my eyes a bit. After I recover from my dizziness, the whole flushing process start all over again. After about 10 minutes, all the hardened ear waxes were flushed out. It looked like a mini corn-flake but with black colour appearance, which is disgusting.

Before leaving the clinic, the doctor prescribe an antibiotics ear drop for me as my inner ear wall was inflamed due to the flushing.

What an experience during my birthday. But, I am glad that I do not feel anything stick inside my left ear anymore :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Relax and Listen...

Just want to share the songs sang by some talented people during the audition of The X Factor. After they sang for their audition, they became an overnight star.

The first video is my personal favourite, what about you?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animes, Mangas, Movies!!!

For entertainment, I usually watched movies, animes, and read japanese manga. I read manga as a hobby since I was very young. My first manga is Doraemon, which my dad bought lots of it for me. With the amount that Doreamon manga I have in my house, I can basically rent to others. As years passed, I started watching movies and animes.

Wonder what are my favorite anime, manga, and movies? The below list will show you.

My Top 10 Anime
  1. Slam Dunk
  2. Full Metal Alchemist
  3. Rave Master
  4. Fate/Stay Night
  5. Samurai X
  6. Vandread series
  7. Gatekeepers
  8. Boys Be
  9. Dragon Ball series
  10. Ranma 1/2
My Top 10 Manga
  1. Slam Dunk
  2. Rave
  3. Full Metal Alchemist
  4. Naruto
  5. Bleach
  6. Fate/Stay Night
  7. Hunter X Hunter
  8. Fairy Tail
  9. Pastel
  10. Doraemon
My Top 10 Movies
  1. Titanic
  2. As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me
  3. Forest Gump
  4. The Bone Collector
  5. Gladiator
  6. Finding Nemo
  7. King Kong
  8. Home Alone 1
  9. The Perfect Storm
  10. The Day After Tommorow
note: there are other animes, mangas, and movies that I liked but didn't insert in the list above because I can't recall them for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Birthday & A Full Moon :)

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. Last week, I celebrated Ian Lai's belated 20th birthday at Alamanda with my nott's friends. Since early morning, it rain heavily. However, we didn't canceled this outing and I picked them up at KTM. As the result, Ian, Sarah, and Hiew Mun all drenched with rain water as they get into my car. After we reached there, we went on to buy 2 movie tickets. Then, we (except me) had a late breakfast at 11.15am in a restaurant specialized in Pinang dishes, before went for the movie marathon.

The Man himself

The first movie that we watched is 'UP'. It is another wonderful animation produced by Pixar. It is not only funny but also touching as well. I must say that 'UP' certainly is in my all-time animation list. Then, we continued to watch Peter Jackson's sci-fi movie, 'District 9'. To be honest, I was quite surprise with the storyline of the movie. I will never ever imagine human race can such a cruel creature until I watched this movie. The visual effect of this movie is also incredible. In fact, I feel a bit nauseous after I watched it.

After 2 continuous movies, the rain finally stopped and prepared to go home. However, heavy traffic jam caused us to take alternative route to go home. During the trip, we had decided to search for a date to have a picnic in Putrajaya because we found some good locations. In the end, it took me more than 1 hour to reach home.

At the day before yesterday, my family celebrated baby Jareth's full moon. It was a busy day with lots of things need to be prepared especially for my mum. My mum cooked most of the food while my dad and I cleaned the house. After that, I try to help mum whenever and whatever I can. At evening, I accompany my brother to fetch the confinement lady to the bus terminal at Bangi before he bought sates, otak-otak, and two cakes.

One for the album

Baby Jareth with his grandpa and grandma :)

Sis with Jareth boy

Bro with Jareth boy

The organist brothers

At about 7.30pm, the feast begin.

All you can eat feast

Dinner time
The hungry nephews and nieces

After the dinner, my brothers and sisters with their respective wife and husband gathered around to do what we do best - joking and chatting. Every time we had our dinner, we will start chatting and joking non-stop until night.

Only at about 11.00pm, all my siblings with their children retired to their home.

It was indeed a good week for me and my family.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia!!!

Today, Malaysians celebrated its 52nd Independence Day. However, this year the celebration is not as big and as long as previous year due to the H1N1 pandemic. But, the celebration is still very meaningful and full of 'merdeka' spirit.

This is how it started at 52 years ago :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Personal Hygiene First...

According to WHO, there were 1799 people had died from the Influenza A(H1N1) as of 13th August 2009. All this started few months ago, in Mexico. From Mexico, it spread to North and South America, then slowly spread to the whole world through the help of air transportation.

The tendency of the virus to be able to transmit human-to-human is startling. Therefore, we must some take precautions measures. Firstly, wear facial mask whenever we go to any crowded places (if necessary) or visit a A(H1N1) patient. This will reduce the risk for a person to be infected with the virus. Secondly, always wash hand after come out from toilet, before put on and after take off the facial mask, after touched a patient with influenza-like symptoms, and after come back from crowded places. Despite hand washing looked easy, but many people usually wash their hands in a inappropriate manner. This could largely due to many people have underestimated the consequences of not practice proper hand washing method. With hands accumulated with various germs, bacteria, virus etc, a person could get infected if he touch his nose, mouth or eyes.

It is not hard to adopt the proper technique of hand washing. Just follow the following steps:
  1. Wet both hands with clean water.
  2. Apply soup until it cover all hand surface.
  3. Rub palm to palm with each hand.
  4. Rub right palm over left dorsum with interlaced fingers and vice versa.
  5. Rub palm to palm with finger interlaced.
  6. Clean the backs of fingers to opposing palm with finger interlocked.
  7. Rub left thumb clasped in right palm in rotational motion and vice versa.
  8. In rotational motion again, rub forward and backwards with clasped finger in right hand in left palm and vice versa.
  9. Washing away the foam through a running tap before dry hands with a clean cloth or tissue.
For more information, log in to World Health Organization website.

Remember, we have the responsibility to contain the virus and together we can win against this deadly virus.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is "Mangga Runtuh" Time

Last few days ago, I plucked dozens of mangoes with my brother-in-law and nephew. It all started with a single call from my nephew at the morning, asking me can spare some time to pluck mangoes with him or not.

Well, since young, I saw people climb up the mango tree to pluck mangoes by using a rod with a net tied at the end and it looked very easy. Only after I tried, it wasn't as easy as I think. it required some techniques and the angle of the rod must be correct. If not, it would take minutes to pluck a single mango.

We has spent about 2 hours to pluck the mangoes, and we just PLUCK, we did not count. Only after exhausted, we retired to my house and only realise we are too greedy.

Guess how many mangoes in the picture?

After we wrapped up all the mangoes with newspapers, the last mango that I counted is at 95th. My sister and I wonder how are we going to finish them if they all ripe at the same time!!!

Do anyone want to have a mango party?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Same Old Place, Different Experience

Just came back from a short vacation few days ago. The place that I went to is called Kukup, an suburban area in Johore. The place that we stay overnight is located in a fishing village, which all the houses were built on top of the muddy mangrove soil. Most of the houses are modified to accommodate tourists either from local or oversea.

My parents and me woke up at 5.00am to prepare for the tour and we reached Kukup at about 5.00pm. It should not take that long to reached there of course but we did some touring on the way to Kukup. One of them is the goat farm in Malacca and it was claimed to be the largest farm in Malaysia. The owner of the farm showed us around the place. He introduced the types of goats that were bred in the farm and methods that were used to milk the goats. Also, we were lucky to witness the a female goat gave birth to cute two baby cubs.

The goats there are fond of people :)
The mating space

My mum with the cubs
The worker showed us the economical method of milking goats
It's feeding time for the cubs
A heavy pregnant goat is about to give birth

This is the second time that I visited Kukup. However, this time is different. Firstly, we went there during the A(H1N1) pandemic. Secondly, the rented house that we stayed in faced electricity outage. The first time I went there I did not faced this kind of problem. The electricity outage caused not only discomfort to us, but it also caused water shortage as it was the water was supplied by a water pump powered by electricity. And lastly, we boarded a giant, luxurious casino ship.

Since there is no electricity, we had to had our barbecue 'supper' in a hot-packed crowded area. But thankfully, they have a back up generator to power the fluorescent light bulb for us. If not, we have to eat in the dark.

The electricity only return just after we are about to finish our meal =.='

And according to the staff, a naughty monkey messed up the transformer and caused a minor explosion.

The second day was a more exciting and tiring day. We all woke up early in the morning (actually is dawn) to catch the ferry that will fetch us to the casino ship. When we reached the casino ship, I was amazed by the amount of people are gambling. But, I was more stunned by the interior design of the ship and I cannot compare with other ships as this was my first experience in such a big ship. Since it was a casino ship, it emphasized on gambling. For people who not interested in gambling like my parents and me, we can just enjoy the scenery of the sea. But, bad weather prevented us to enjoy it. Another thing that was worth commenting on is the quality and quantity of food that was available there for us. Although not every dish taste excellently, it still tastier than the food that we ate everyday. They served two meals for us, lunch and tea-time. During lunch, we all loved the vegetable cooked by them. It not only delicious, but it carried the natural sweetness which we can't tasted it in Malaysia. Also, their fried fish chip was absolutely tasty, the best I had ate during my lifetime. During the tea-time, they served various types of dim sum and cakes. Some of it were new to me. Also, their bread was tantalising when spread with peanut butter and kaya. There are so many variety of dessert until we can't taste everything, partly due to the free-for-all lunch that we eaten couple of hours ago :P

A 10 storey high ship...
...with golden staircase

Before the weather changed, the scenery is beautiful
The spoiler =.="

We left the ship at about 4.00pm and had our dinner at Senai at 7.00pm. However, I was very full, therefore, I just ate some dishes. I think I ate too many nice food at the ship because everything that I ate then is tasteless.

After finished our dinner, we were on our long way back home.

During this trip, I envy the life of the Kukup people. Their life is so peaceful and easy, not like the city people, always rushing and stressed from work. However, not everyone is like that there, but most of them are like that. But, I cannot possibly conclude that they really life in an easy life as I had seen because I only experience it for 2 days only. For a city boy like me, I must prepare for the future that lies ahead, aim high and achieve the goals set upon on me. And this starts with the upcoming academic year :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Badminton Fever!!!

Yeap, this post is all about badminton. With the BWF World Badminton Championship just concluded, it showed the whole world the passion, thrill, and attraction of badminton. The best example is the grand finale of the tournament, the men doubles final which managed to excite the crowds on the edge of their seats. The showdown between China's Cai Yun - Fu Hai Feng and South Korea's Lee Yong-dae - Jung Jae-sung is a mouth-watering match, much anticipated by the badminton fans around the world and they battled till death for the world title, gave the fans worth of the money they paid for the tickets.

The final is the result of the defeats of Malaysia's top 2 pair to the respective teams. If not, Malaysia will have a guarantee of a final place. However, with the results that they had against the finalist, it is not a total lost for the Malaysian teams. Talking about entering into final, I thought Lee Chong Wei will be able to make it but he was lost in quarter-final with a three-setter game. I hoped he can do it next year.

The men doubles final is all about power, deception, pace, techniques, determination, and most of all the mental strength to win. Both teams treated each point as a crucial point. In the final set, both teams were stretched to the limits as they entered into deuce and end with the results of 21-18 16-21 28-26 in favour to the Chinese pair. To be honest, I wished that the South Korean pair won the match as they are more aggressive in the final stages of the game, but it was the determination of the Chinese pair that helped then won the game. All in all, with the spirit shown by both pairs, there are no total loser for that match.

Enough of the badminton world. Recently, I bought a new badminton racket :)

It is a Protech Arcstriker 9 and worth about RM120 but I got a discount and bought it for RM100. It will replaced my current Yonex racket which I had used it since Form 4 as a birthday present by my dad :) But, this doesn't mean I will throw away my old racket. Instead, I will use it as a back up racket.

I received this racket just after I watched an exhibition match involving Wong Choong Hann with a state champion. Although it is a exhibition match, both players perform as though it is a real match. They showed us how a real drop shot is, how to play tight net exchanges, and tactics are more important than aggressiveness. As the result, it amazed the audience of more than 60. with some exciting moments. In the end of the game, he won that game in straight set. It was my first taste of a world class badminton :)

Wong Choong Hann with my two nephews (behind is the state player that he will faced later)

Pose with my new racket and the used shuttlecock (it still looked NEW) played by Wong Choong Hann

My nephews and niece with the same shuttlecock and respective new rackets:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pitch Black Again :(

Electrical outage is very troublesome and annoying, especially in these hot weather. Just after 9.00pm, the whole neighborhood went pitch black. Well, this won't be a surprise for us anymore but it became rather an annoying occurrence to us. This is because our neighborhood suffered a electrical outage twice in 2 months and another couple of times early this year. Since there are nothing can be done under this condition, we all head to our bed very early though we cannot sleep in peace. With the unbearable heat and annoying mosquitoes, I was forced to keep awake until the electricity supply recover.

I still remember that the last time it happened during my examination period (month of May). Furthermore, it was my last paper (Design and Manufacture 1), which I will be examined on the day after tomorrow. Therefore, due to extreme desperation, I revise the module under the flash light and moonlight. Since then, I kinda understand the feeling of our ancestors when comes to studying at night. Without proper lighting supplied by the flourescent light, study at night was torturous and will exhaust human eyes in an instance.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mobile Phones of Future

Most of the mobile phones nowadays are slim yet stylish, small yet multi-capable All the latest basic mobile phones consist of camera with auto-focus, flash, and high megapixel. Furthermore, GPRS, 3G, bluetooth, MP3 player, touchscreen, and web-browsing are now common devices and applications for mobile phones. But, how will the future mobile phone look like? Here is some possible mobile phones that you might discover in near future.

Nokia's Morph

This is the concept phone that I amazed the most. Morph is currently under researching stage and will be developed by using nanotechnology. The materials that will be used to manufacture the phone is a mimic of spider's silk. As the result, the Morph is flexible and able to be morphed from a conventional mobile phone into a bracelet-shape mobile phone. So, it was also known as "shape swifter". In addition, no casing was required due to the use of nanotechnology. The electronics of the mobile phone is in nano scale and therefore, invisible to the naked eyes. Hence, designers would be able to design a clear mobile phone without any casing to store the chips and wires. Furthermore, Morph can be an essential "health checker" as it can monitor the blood
sugar level of a diabetic. It can also monitor environment hazards by measuring the level of carbon dioxide.

This concept phone will only be developed in 7 to 15 years time.


Although it is exactly correct to refer mobile phone as hand phone, sometimes, we still often do so. But, we do not have to worry about this anymore after Handphone is manufactured. It was created by a Biodomotica's Massimo Marrazzo of Turin. In this concept phone, there are two rings, one is the microphone ring and other is the speaker ring. By inserting the microphone ring onto the pinkie and speaker ring onto the thumb, the user can start dialing. Also, the phone has a voice sensor, which enables the user to dial numbers without using a single finger. As the result, Handphone is a user-friendly device. Unlike Morph, Handphone can be manufactured with today's technology. We can look forward to see this device to be in the market in the near future.

The P-Per

By looking at its name, we won't be able to guess that this is a touchscreen concept phone. It has 2 touchscreens on both sites of the phone, like 2 Apple's iPhone being stick together. This concept phone is said to have a screen for calling and messaging capabilities on one side while the other side is a camera. Besides that, the wrap around screen allows for endless user interface possibilities

Since there are more and more people changed their old mobile phones
to the latest model in the market, the number of waste mobile phones is overwhelming. In Australia alone, there were about 3.5 million new mobile phone sold in the last 12 months. In other words, the amount of unwanted phones is more than 3 million if there are not buyers are interested to buy them. Thus, many materials were wasted. Also, some of the unwanted phones might not be disposed properly, which will cause pollution to the Earth. However, with The P-Per, little material was needed as it just needs 4 layers of materials to manufacture it. This phone is also a environmental friendly as it used recycled titanium to manufacture it.

With the thickness of about 7mm and the recharging time of 2 minutes, this concept mobile phone will sure attract a lot of potential buyers.

For more information, check it here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Memory of a Legend

Since Micheal Jackson's shock death, there are millions of fans were mourning for his death. His death was a surprise to the whole world as millions of fans around the world are waiting to watch his comeback concerts, which would be held in London.

According to reports, drug abuse might be the cause of death of the great legend as the authorities still investigating his death. It was claimed that he took 10,000 tables of medicines in only 6 months, an amount that could kill a normal human easily.

After his death, his previous albums sold like hot pancakes. Album such as Thriller was sold out in matter of days after his death. In England, there are six Micheal Jackson's album in the top 10 chart, which were amazing. Hence, this proved Micheal Jackson's true popularity and would forever be remembered.

Even though I am not his fan, I do respect his inspiration for the music industry. Even today, there are plenty of famous artists copy his moves and the famous "Moonwalk". Besides that, his never-say-die attitude is admirable even he faced a molestation charge. Although his popularity dropped since then, he still try to make a comeback with the 50 concerts that were planned to be held in London as the best example. In addition, he managed break down cultural differences and racial barriers. With his contribution to the musical world, he had inspired Africans to be a successful artist.

For those who missed his public memorial service, enjoy the touching video clip that I posted above.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Reminiscence Trip :)

Three years ago, I went to Pulau Pangkor together with my secondary school classmates. Recently, I went there again with my parents. Even though three years has passed, the Pulau Pangkor of today remain the same as of three years ago. All the tourist attractions are the same with the exception of some renovations. During this trip, I recalled some of the last wonderful memories that I shared with my old secondary school classmates. I still remember most of us rented bicycles for a day to travel around the island. I can still remember some of us played volleyball on the beach whereas others went to scuba-diving. The most memorable of all is I broke my toe nail during the trip (Ouch!). All those memories, to me, are priceless.

During the trip, I thought I had the chance to dive in the sea, enjoy the sight of corals. However, heavy rain, thunderstorm, and high sea current prevent us to go. All we did there is buy stuff such as satay ikan, anchovy, and other sea food. But, it is still a nice trip because it brought back all those wonderful memories.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One-Day Trip To Malacca :)

Two days ago, I went to Malacca with 3 friends. We left at around 9.30am and reached at Wen Shan's house at about 11.30am. After Marcus Chee joined us, we begin our one-day trip. Firstly, we went to the renowmed Jonker Street to taste the Chicken Rice Ball, which was dipped into chicken oil (according to Wen Shan). The rice ball was served together with chicken. The proper way to eat it is to moisture the rice ball first with the chili sauce cum black soy sauce. Then, dip the chicken with some chili sauce and eat with the rice ball together.

The chicken is tasty. The only thing that I can complaint about is the quantity of the serving would not satisfy 5 people :P

After that, we wanted to try some nyonya cendol. But, the store is overcrowded with customers. Thus, we went to the Eye On Malaysia by WALKING under the scorching sun. Well, our tour guides told us that the journey will only took about 15 minutes. In reality, it took us about 20 minutes to reach there. By the time we reached the destination, our clothes were drenched with perspiration. But it was worth it as we can walked along the historical Malacca River and saw some wonderful scenery. I was amazed by the height of the Ferris wheel, which soared to giddy heights of 60 metres from ground. According to, the Eye On Malaysia is the world's largest portable Ferris wheel. From the top of the Ferris, we could see most of the Malacca Town from one side and the Straits of Malacca from the other side.

One for the album :)

Malacca River

Wen Shan, the Hercules???

After all the walking under the sun, we ate a bowl of refreshing durian cendol at Tan Kim Hock complex. It manage to quenched our thirst instantaneously :) After that, we bought some local delicacies of Malacca.

The quenching solution

I did not know that Malacca has pork satay, not until my Malaccan friends told us. Being born in Kajang, I have eaten various types of satay but not pork satay. It was the first time that I ate pork satay.

After we filled our stomachs with satays, cucumbers, and ketupats, we took a scroll to the beach. That might be our last time to enjoy the beauty of the natural beach as the local authority started to reclaim the beach.

Before we went back to Kajang, we ate dinner at Newton's Food Corner. We ate 4 meals during the trip, and I never ate so many meals in a single day. But I can't believe that I could still manage to drink soup and eat some fruits when I reached home :P

Anyway, I wished to express gratitude towards Wen Shan and Marcus Chee as our tour guide. Without them, our journey won't be as fun and enjoyable as it would be. Thanks guys!!!

Also, I wished to thanked the grandson of the Tan Kim Hock for giving us so many local delicacies.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bee Invasion?!

Two days ago, a swarm of bees 'invaded' my dad's beloved giant bougainvillea or pokok bunga kertas. There were about few hundreds of bees surrounded one of the tree branches in an attempt to make a beehive around it. At first my dad didn't noticed it, not until they stung my dad a few times. When I went out to check it out, it surprised me that the amount of bees surrounding the branch. To eliminate it, we use mosquito sprays and most of the bees died, but some managed to escape.

After that incident, my dad joked with my neighbour that we might enjoy some free honey if we did not eliminate the bees :P

Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 More Years To Go!!!

My 1st year ended last 2 week ago, after 4 months of lecures and assignments, and 3 weeks of exams, I am finally can relax and enjoy my four-month holiday. I will not discuss how was examinations. I just hope that I will pass and I have try my best, my very best for this semester.

After the finals, I went to Mid Valley to hang out with my old foundation friends. However, some of them did not manage to join us, which kinda sad as we manage to watch 2 great movies (Terminator Salvation and Star trek) :)

I had been waiting for the premier of Terminator Salvation since early this year and this movie did not disappoint me even one bit. it was full of suspense from the start. Also, Christian Bale, for me, is the most suitable candidate to act the role of John Conner. I hope they will not change the actor for the next terminator franchise. On the other hand, Star Trek surprise me the most. All the while I thought Star Trek is boring and the last time I watched the previous movies made me feel sleepy. But, after I watched this movie, it proved me wrong. Therefore, I will definitely watched the next installment.

The next movie in waiting is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Finally, after 2 months, I finally managed to blog again. As for the passed 2 months, my previous blog, "Destiny to be Destined", was removed all because of my carelessness. I accidentally deleted my google account 2 months ago. As the result, I can't log into my blog. And since I was very busy for the during that period, I simply cant manage to create another blog. My previous blog was one-year old and contained photos that some I don't have any backup. Sad case. However, this new blog will not be a short-term blog, it will be for a long run.