Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irritating Calls...

I bet a lot of people received a call from an 'unknown caller', which appeared at their mobile phone screen, and a female caller will say she called from a company. She will then say you had won thousands of ringgits, house, or even luxurious cars. 

I for one received this kind of so called 'spam call' quite a few times before. The most noticeable is a call from a Chinese national company during first day and first minute of the university life!!! Imagine that when the lecturer was going to start the lecture and suddenly a female caller from "XXX公司" and said that she is promoting some kind of product which I don't care to listen. Then, I straightaway and ask her that where she get my number, which she refused to tell me. After that, I told her that I am busy man and have no time to entertain her. However, the operator was quite persistent. She keep explaining that I might win something luxurious if I bought one of the products. In no time, I just hang up the call and switch off my phone. 

Another same type of call that I received is also occurred during lecture. This time they say I had won a scholarship worth hundreds of thousand in ringgit. This time they SMS me first before try to call me. By the time they try to contact me, I block their calls.

All this while I know about people are trying to scam through calls, but I never thought that I could be one of the target. For where and how they obtain the numbers, I have no idea. I won't be surprise at all if they simply key in the number and try their luck.

Remember, there are not free lunch in the world, we have to work hard for it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Time Ago...

This is the first post in 4 months, which I cant believe it. The time flies, that's for sure. I been very busy with the assignments and projects during the semester. In fact, after just 2 week of the semester, batches of assignments were given out, not to mention there were lectures to be revise. However, I cannot manage to revise all the lectures during the lecture weeks. It is simply impossible to revise if we want to excel in assignments and projects. Time management and patience were the 2 main aspects that we need to master. Without it, I will 'lost in the jungle'.

One thing worth mentioning is about my group's spring cart design project, which is successful. The spring cart, which was designed and fabricated during the previous semester, was tested on a 3-meter rubber map for 3 separate times. For the first trial, it is a failed attempt. Hence, after some 'emergency' modifications. The other 2 trial run were successful. The fastest time that our spring cart manage to finish the track is 2:98s, which is the then time record and still is one of the top time record. We all very satisfied with the results as all the effort and time paid off.

With the semester ended last Saturday, the new semester commenced 2 days later, which is kinda sad. I only have 1 day to enjoy the break.

Right after the final paper of the exams, I went out with my gang of friends to One Utama to enjoy and mark the end of the semester. There, we watch "Tooth Fairy", which is hilarious!!! I laughed until my stomach ache when I saw "The Rock" wore a tutu. It is a good movie to watch especially when you are stressed up for the exams.

Also, I manage to had the delicious Caesar Salad from Chili's for dinner with my fellow friends. It is the second time that I ate it and I yearned for it for more than 1 year ago. The combination of fresh vegetable and slices of chicken mixed with their very own dressing were a wonder when you eat it. The next meal in Chili's will be burger.

I am looking forward to the new semester.