Monday, April 19, 2010

An Much Awaited (Needed) Update :)

Finally, I finally manage to update my dusty, rusty, you-named-it blog for months. It has been a very hectic semester. There were so many reports, projects, assignments, and coursework to rush. One thing for sure is time passed very fast! Just with a blink of an eye, end of semester is approaching and study break will be commencing next week. This means that finals is approaching fast. And I haven't fully prepared myself for any exams yet. In fact, I was busy with all those academic work until I had neglected my revision.

Since beginning of last semester, I thought I know that Year 2 will be the most hectic year ever. But, 'know' and experience it thorough first hand is two totally different thing. As usual, the module that required most of our time and effort in is the Design & Material 2, which required the students to design an inclusive can opener design. We were given a month for this project and we were required to come out with a simulation and business plan, which will be used for presentation at the fifth week. In addition, students were required to design and propose an alternative renewable energy plant for the Sutton Bonington Campus, which is located in UK, in a poster in the next four week followed by the can opener design project. Well, this is not the worst part. The worst part is I had to revise all the lecture notes for the previous semester and current semester which consist of tons of topics ranging from risk management to tribology. However, other modules such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, design technology control, and computational numerical techniques were not easy as well and cannot be underestimated.

That's it for this time, I will have to continue my revision for my finals.

The next updated will be quite soon, I promised :) and I am eager to post it as soon as possible.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irritating Calls...

I bet a lot of people received a call from an 'unknown caller', which appeared at their mobile phone screen, and a female caller will say she called from a company. She will then say you had won thousands of ringgits, house, or even luxurious cars. 

I for one received this kind of so called 'spam call' quite a few times before. The most noticeable is a call from a Chinese national company during first day and first minute of the university life!!! Imagine that when the lecturer was going to start the lecture and suddenly a female caller from "XXX公司" and said that she is promoting some kind of product which I don't care to listen. Then, I straightaway and ask her that where she get my number, which she refused to tell me. After that, I told her that I am busy man and have no time to entertain her. However, the operator was quite persistent. She keep explaining that I might win something luxurious if I bought one of the products. In no time, I just hang up the call and switch off my phone. 

Another same type of call that I received is also occurred during lecture. This time they say I had won a scholarship worth hundreds of thousand in ringgit. This time they SMS me first before try to call me. By the time they try to contact me, I block their calls.

All this while I know about people are trying to scam through calls, but I never thought that I could be one of the target. For where and how they obtain the numbers, I have no idea. I won't be surprise at all if they simply key in the number and try their luck.

Remember, there are not free lunch in the world, we have to work hard for it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Time Ago...

This is the first post in 4 months, which I cant believe it. The time flies, that's for sure. I been very busy with the assignments and projects during the semester. In fact, after just 2 week of the semester, batches of assignments were given out, not to mention there were lectures to be revise. However, I cannot manage to revise all the lectures during the lecture weeks. It is simply impossible to revise if we want to excel in assignments and projects. Time management and patience were the 2 main aspects that we need to master. Without it, I will 'lost in the jungle'.

One thing worth mentioning is about my group's spring cart design project, which is successful. The spring cart, which was designed and fabricated during the previous semester, was tested on a 3-meter rubber map for 3 separate times. For the first trial, it is a failed attempt. Hence, after some 'emergency' modifications. The other 2 trial run were successful. The fastest time that our spring cart manage to finish the track is 2:98s, which is the then time record and still is one of the top time record. We all very satisfied with the results as all the effort and time paid off.

With the semester ended last Saturday, the new semester commenced 2 days later, which is kinda sad. I only have 1 day to enjoy the break.

Right after the final paper of the exams, I went out with my gang of friends to One Utama to enjoy and mark the end of the semester. There, we watch "Tooth Fairy", which is hilarious!!! I laughed until my stomach ache when I saw "The Rock" wore a tutu. It is a good movie to watch especially when you are stressed up for the exams.

Also, I manage to had the delicious Caesar Salad from Chili's for dinner with my fellow friends. It is the second time that I ate it and I yearned for it for more than 1 year ago. The combination of fresh vegetable and slices of chicken mixed with their very own dressing were a wonder when you eat it. The next meal in Chili's will be burger.

I am looking forward to the new semester.

Monday, September 28, 2009

An End Is A New Beginning...

After 4 months of holiday, I will be registering for my enrollment for Year 2 in less than 15 minutes. This new semester is more important than ever compared with the other semesters as beginning this semester, my results will be considered for the degree that I will get. 

According to seniors and lecturers, Year 2 will be a hectic year. There will be many assignments, coursework, design projects, and most importantly, final exams. 

Well, thats all for today, I will update my blog whenever I am free. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spoilt of Choices... :P

Since long ago, I used Mozilla Firefox as my first choice browser. However, Firefox lagged quite often recently, as consequence, I tried to close and then reopen it. But, it was futile because the browser still running in the background. Hence, I have to end the process manually in Task Manager. This problem had been reoccurring for about 2 weeks. Now, I think I had found out the problem. It might due to an application that I quite frequently used in Facebook. If I did not use that specific application, then Firefox will not have any problem. Although the cause was identified, it did not stop me from seeking an alternative browser.

After seeking advices from friends, I tried Opera 10. As saying goes, 'Don't judge a book by its cover', my first about impression about the design is not as artistic as Firefox or IE. But, just after I randomly search something, it surprise me quite a bit. The download speed is faster than Firefox. All thanks to "Opera Turbo", which will increase the data download speed and reduce the number of unnecessary data to be downloaded. The user can either set the "Opera Turbo" into automatic mode, which will activate it if the connection speed is slow or just keep the "Opera Turbo" on whenever he use it. If the connection speed is constant and fast, then we can disable it also. However, the downside of this function is that it will decrease the quality of the images after the page is loaded because of the images was compressed during the loading process. Opera 10 also has basic widgets that other browsers do not have. For instance, typical games such as crossword , brainkrieg etc. are available for the user to play for free. Furthermore, I like the way designers design the panel which can enable users to search for bookmarks, history, widgets, downloads, and notes. Also, users can sign up for "My Opera" for free to blog and share their photos to friends. Too bad that I had a personal blog, if not I will try it out. All in all, Opera 10 is all-in-one browser which enables users to search, blog and share photos.

Besides that, I also tried Google Chrome. Google Chrome is like any basic browser but it was faster than Firefox and in fact, it was as fast as Opera 10 with the turbo mode on. When it comes to downloading videos, I think Google Chrome has the slight edge over Opera. Unlike the Opera 10 and Firefox, most of the customization can be done in one button. Therefore, it is more user-friendly. Overall, the layout is simple but better than Firefox.

Currently, I have 4 browsers (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera 10). I had decided to use Opera 10 as my first choice browser as Google Chrome is only just launched recently and Opera has a better security record. However, I do not know whether I want to remove Google Chrome and Firefox or not. Seriously, I'm be spoilt for choice. By the way, I still thinking about whether I should tried out Safari 4 or not :P