Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One-Day Trip To Malacca :)

Two days ago, I went to Malacca with 3 friends. We left at around 9.30am and reached at Wen Shan's house at about 11.30am. After Marcus Chee joined us, we begin our one-day trip. Firstly, we went to the renowmed Jonker Street to taste the Chicken Rice Ball, which was dipped into chicken oil (according to Wen Shan). The rice ball was served together with chicken. The proper way to eat it is to moisture the rice ball first with the chili sauce cum black soy sauce. Then, dip the chicken with some chili sauce and eat with the rice ball together.

The chicken is tasty. The only thing that I can complaint about is the quantity of the serving would not satisfy 5 people :P

After that, we wanted to try some nyonya cendol. But, the store is overcrowded with customers. Thus, we went to the Eye On Malaysia by WALKING under the scorching sun. Well, our tour guides told us that the journey will only took about 15 minutes. In reality, it took us about 20 minutes to reach there. By the time we reached the destination, our clothes were drenched with perspiration. But it was worth it as we can walked along the historical Malacca River and saw some wonderful scenery. I was amazed by the height of the Ferris wheel, which soared to giddy heights of 60 metres from ground. According to, the Eye On Malaysia is the world's largest portable Ferris wheel. From the top of the Ferris, we could see most of the Malacca Town from one side and the Straits of Malacca from the other side.

One for the album :)

Malacca River

Wen Shan, the Hercules???

After all the walking under the sun, we ate a bowl of refreshing durian cendol at Tan Kim Hock complex. It manage to quenched our thirst instantaneously :) After that, we bought some local delicacies of Malacca.

The quenching solution

I did not know that Malacca has pork satay, not until my Malaccan friends told us. Being born in Kajang, I have eaten various types of satay but not pork satay. It was the first time that I ate pork satay.

After we filled our stomachs with satays, cucumbers, and ketupats, we took a scroll to the beach. That might be our last time to enjoy the beauty of the natural beach as the local authority started to reclaim the beach.

Before we went back to Kajang, we ate dinner at Newton's Food Corner. We ate 4 meals during the trip, and I never ate so many meals in a single day. But I can't believe that I could still manage to drink soup and eat some fruits when I reached home :P

Anyway, I wished to express gratitude towards Wen Shan and Marcus Chee as our tour guide. Without them, our journey won't be as fun and enjoyable as it would be. Thanks guys!!!

Also, I wished to thanked the grandson of the Tan Kim Hock for giving us so many local delicacies.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bee Invasion?!

Two days ago, a swarm of bees 'invaded' my dad's beloved giant bougainvillea or pokok bunga kertas. There were about few hundreds of bees surrounded one of the tree branches in an attempt to make a beehive around it. At first my dad didn't noticed it, not until they stung my dad a few times. When I went out to check it out, it surprised me that the amount of bees surrounding the branch. To eliminate it, we use mosquito sprays and most of the bees died, but some managed to escape.

After that incident, my dad joked with my neighbour that we might enjoy some free honey if we did not eliminate the bees :P