Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pitch Black Again :(

Electrical outage is very troublesome and annoying, especially in these hot weather. Just after 9.00pm, the whole neighborhood went pitch black. Well, this won't be a surprise for us anymore but it became rather an annoying occurrence to us. This is because our neighborhood suffered a electrical outage twice in 2 months and another couple of times early this year. Since there are nothing can be done under this condition, we all head to our bed very early though we cannot sleep in peace. With the unbearable heat and annoying mosquitoes, I was forced to keep awake until the electricity supply recover.

I still remember that the last time it happened during my examination period (month of May). Furthermore, it was my last paper (Design and Manufacture 1), which I will be examined on the day after tomorrow. Therefore, due to extreme desperation, I revise the module under the flash light and moonlight. Since then, I kinda understand the feeling of our ancestors when comes to studying at night. Without proper lighting supplied by the flourescent light, study at night was torturous and will exhaust human eyes in an instance.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mobile Phones of Future

Most of the mobile phones nowadays are slim yet stylish, small yet multi-capable All the latest basic mobile phones consist of camera with auto-focus, flash, and high megapixel. Furthermore, GPRS, 3G, bluetooth, MP3 player, touchscreen, and web-browsing are now common devices and applications for mobile phones. But, how will the future mobile phone look like? Here is some possible mobile phones that you might discover in near future.

Nokia's Morph

This is the concept phone that I amazed the most. Morph is currently under researching stage and will be developed by using nanotechnology. The materials that will be used to manufacture the phone is a mimic of spider's silk. As the result, the Morph is flexible and able to be morphed from a conventional mobile phone into a bracelet-shape mobile phone. So, it was also known as "shape swifter". In addition, no casing was required due to the use of nanotechnology. The electronics of the mobile phone is in nano scale and therefore, invisible to the naked eyes. Hence, designers would be able to design a clear mobile phone without any casing to store the chips and wires. Furthermore, Morph can be an essential "health checker" as it can monitor the blood
sugar level of a diabetic. It can also monitor environment hazards by measuring the level of carbon dioxide.

This concept phone will only be developed in 7 to 15 years time.


Although it is exactly correct to refer mobile phone as hand phone, sometimes, we still often do so. But, we do not have to worry about this anymore after Handphone is manufactured. It was created by a Biodomotica's Massimo Marrazzo of Turin. In this concept phone, there are two rings, one is the microphone ring and other is the speaker ring. By inserting the microphone ring onto the pinkie and speaker ring onto the thumb, the user can start dialing. Also, the phone has a voice sensor, which enables the user to dial numbers without using a single finger. As the result, Handphone is a user-friendly device. Unlike Morph, Handphone can be manufactured with today's technology. We can look forward to see this device to be in the market in the near future.

The P-Per

By looking at its name, we won't be able to guess that this is a touchscreen concept phone. It has 2 touchscreens on both sites of the phone, like 2 Apple's iPhone being stick together. This concept phone is said to have a screen for calling and messaging capabilities on one side while the other side is a camera. Besides that, the wrap around screen allows for endless user interface possibilities

Since there are more and more people changed their old mobile phones
to the latest model in the market, the number of waste mobile phones is overwhelming. In Australia alone, there were about 3.5 million new mobile phone sold in the last 12 months. In other words, the amount of unwanted phones is more than 3 million if there are not buyers are interested to buy them. Thus, many materials were wasted. Also, some of the unwanted phones might not be disposed properly, which will cause pollution to the Earth. However, with The P-Per, little material was needed as it just needs 4 layers of materials to manufacture it. This phone is also a environmental friendly as it used recycled titanium to manufacture it.

With the thickness of about 7mm and the recharging time of 2 minutes, this concept mobile phone will sure attract a lot of potential buyers.

For more information, check it here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Memory of a Legend

Since Micheal Jackson's shock death, there are millions of fans were mourning for his death. His death was a surprise to the whole world as millions of fans around the world are waiting to watch his comeback concerts, which would be held in London.

According to reports, drug abuse might be the cause of death of the great legend as the authorities still investigating his death. It was claimed that he took 10,000 tables of medicines in only 6 months, an amount that could kill a normal human easily.

After his death, his previous albums sold like hot pancakes. Album such as Thriller was sold out in matter of days after his death. In England, there are six Micheal Jackson's album in the top 10 chart, which were amazing. Hence, this proved Micheal Jackson's true popularity and would forever be remembered.

Even though I am not his fan, I do respect his inspiration for the music industry. Even today, there are plenty of famous artists copy his moves and the famous "Moonwalk". Besides that, his never-say-die attitude is admirable even he faced a molestation charge. Although his popularity dropped since then, he still try to make a comeback with the 50 concerts that were planned to be held in London as the best example. In addition, he managed break down cultural differences and racial barriers. With his contribution to the musical world, he had inspired Africans to be a successful artist.

For those who missed his public memorial service, enjoy the touching video clip that I posted above.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Reminiscence Trip :)

Three years ago, I went to Pulau Pangkor together with my secondary school classmates. Recently, I went there again with my parents. Even though three years has passed, the Pulau Pangkor of today remain the same as of three years ago. All the tourist attractions are the same with the exception of some renovations. During this trip, I recalled some of the last wonderful memories that I shared with my old secondary school classmates. I still remember most of us rented bicycles for a day to travel around the island. I can still remember some of us played volleyball on the beach whereas others went to scuba-diving. The most memorable of all is I broke my toe nail during the trip (Ouch!). All those memories, to me, are priceless.

During the trip, I thought I had the chance to dive in the sea, enjoy the sight of corals. However, heavy rain, thunderstorm, and high sea current prevent us to go. All we did there is buy stuff such as satay ikan, anchovy, and other sea food. But, it is still a nice trip because it brought back all those wonderful memories.