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Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 More Years To Go!!!

My 1st year ended last 2 week ago, after 4 months of lecures and assignments, and 3 weeks of exams, I am finally can relax and enjoy my four-month holiday. I will not discuss how was examinations. I just hope that I will pass and I have try my best, my very best for this semester.

After the finals, I went to Mid Valley to hang out with my old foundation friends. However, some of them did not manage to join us, which kinda sad as we manage to watch 2 great movies (Terminator Salvation and Star trek) :)

I had been waiting for the premier of Terminator Salvation since early this year and this movie did not disappoint me even one bit. it was full of suspense from the start. Also, Christian Bale, for me, is the most suitable candidate to act the role of John Conner. I hope they will not change the actor for the next terminator franchise. On the other hand, Star Trek surprise me the most. All the while I thought Star Trek is boring and the last time I watched the previous movies made me feel sleepy. But, after I watched this movie, it proved me wrong. Therefore, I will definitely watched the next installment.

The next movie in waiting is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Finally, after 2 months, I finally managed to blog again. As for the passed 2 months, my previous blog, "Destiny to be Destined", was removed all because of my carelessness. I accidentally deleted my google account 2 months ago. As the result, I can't log into my blog. And since I was very busy for the during that period, I simply cant manage to create another blog. My previous blog was one-year old and contained photos that some I don't have any backup. Sad case. However, this new blog will not be a short-term blog, it will be for a long run.