Monday, April 19, 2010

An Much Awaited (Needed) Update :)

Finally, I finally manage to update my dusty, rusty, you-named-it blog for months. It has been a very hectic semester. There were so many reports, projects, assignments, and coursework to rush. One thing for sure is time passed very fast! Just with a blink of an eye, end of semester is approaching and study break will be commencing next week. This means that finals is approaching fast. And I haven't fully prepared myself for any exams yet. In fact, I was busy with all those academic work until I had neglected my revision.

Since beginning of last semester, I thought I know that Year 2 will be the most hectic year ever. But, 'know' and experience it thorough first hand is two totally different thing. As usual, the module that required most of our time and effort in is the Design & Material 2, which required the students to design an inclusive can opener design. We were given a month for this project and we were required to come out with a simulation and business plan, which will be used for presentation at the fifth week. In addition, students were required to design and propose an alternative renewable energy plant for the Sutton Bonington Campus, which is located in UK, in a poster in the next four week followed by the can opener design project. Well, this is not the worst part. The worst part is I had to revise all the lecture notes for the previous semester and current semester which consist of tons of topics ranging from risk management to tribology. However, other modules such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, design technology control, and computational numerical techniques were not easy as well and cannot be underestimated.

That's it for this time, I will have to continue my revision for my finals.

The next updated will be quite soon, I promised :) and I am eager to post it as soon as possible.